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Safe Lighting for Loadshedding

Our best picks for safe, easy loadshedding lighting you can use inside your home. Rechargeable, multifunctional, and power-efficient… click to read more

Diving lights

Diving Lights Buying Guide

Choosing the right diving light for your scuba needs can be very confusing. We have compiled a simple guide of things to consider before buying your ideal dive lights… click to read more

Not all body armour is the same…

Body armour is a piece of safety equipment essential for providing life-saving protection against various threats ranging from stabbing, bludgeoning, and of course, bullets fired from various weapons… click to read more

Tactical flashlight guide

There is much confusion as to what exactly makes a flashlight tactical or not. One of the main factors about tactical torches everyone agrees on is that they were designed specifically with professionals in the law enforcement and military sectors in mind… click to read more