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About Us

Established in South Africa in 2001, Lightsaver quickly made a name for itself for being one of the first companies to integrate electronic switches into their rechargeable LED flashlights. To this day, we continue to maintain our high standard of quality with all our flashlights carrying a limited lifelong guarantee and complete repair service because we pride ourselves in not only supplying high-quality products but also building long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Over the years, many flashlights specifically designed and developed for the South African Police Service and tested by the South African Bureau of Standards, led us deeper into the Security Industry. Seeing the need for quality products at reasonable prices, what started as a flashlight manufacturing company quickly evolved to include security and tactical equipment such as bulletproof vests, shields, riot suits, and night vision equipment.

While it’s true we specialize in supplying the police, military and security industries, we are also proud to carry a versatile range of high quality outdoor, camping, diving and mining flashlights to the general public.