Emergency Lighting for Loadshedding

Just when you think it’s over, or getting better at least, loadshedding rears its annoying head again. And what starts already alarmingly at level 2, suddenly escalates to level 4 before you can even say “is that loadshedding or did we run out of electricity?”  The fact of the matter is, we as South Africans have to face the fact that Eskom is failing miserably, and until we can all get off their grids, emergency lighting for unscheduled outages is a must for any household. 

So let’s break it down, what do you need in your home to ensure you have, at the very least, light. Rechargeable, reliable, bright, hands-free, and of course, low on power light sources. Of course, you could always just have the candles on the ready, but this is a dangerous option as compared to something like a good, free-standing flashlight or lantern. Bonus points if your emergency lighting could even recharge other smaller devices like your phone, right? We got you! Check out our list of what we think are the best loadshedding flashlights in the house!

LS818 Hanging Lantern

lightsaver hanging lantern
Lightsaver LS818 Hanging Lantern

One of the most important factors in a good load shedding emergency light is that it needs to be bright enough to light up an entire room. This little hanging lantern is just the thing, dynamite really comes in small packages here as this little light packs a 1000 lumen punch with a minimum of 10-meter light radius.

LS818 Hanging Lantern images, light radius, charge time and run time

That’s bright! Once fully charged, it will work for 6 hours on high and 12 hours on low – that’s long enough to get you through even the darkest hours of winter before it needs recharging. It also comes equipped with a sturdy steel hook, this makes it super-easy to just hang up when needed. And if this little unit needed more functionaliy to convince you, it has both USB input and output, meaning you can recharge other devices with it. At only R276 per light, you can afford to get one for each room! Light issues, sorted!


LS809b Work Light

Lightsaver LS809b Multipurpose Work Light

This multifunctional rechargeable floodlight has 2 light sources and is one of the coolest devices we have on the stock. The main work light boasts 2x 20W COB LEDs and an impressive 1000 lumens while the side 3W LED flashlight has 200 lumens with a 70m beam distance.

Lightsaver LS809b Worklight lumens, charge time and run time

What really makes this model so super cool is that it also works like a power bank with both USB input and output, which means you can use this to not only light up your whole room, but charge your phone at the same time!

When using the main front floodlight, it will last on 100% power for 3 hours and on 50% for 6 hours. The side light, which operates as a normal flashlight, will run for a full 24 hours. For only R253 per unit, it might not be a bad idea to buy a whole bunch and keep one in your car, your workshop, your garage and your house!



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